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Ways to improve Sleep Quality

December 31, 2020

Ways to improve Sleep Quality

“I didn’t get any sleep last night!” we’ve all said this more than once in our life.

From tossing and turning to backaches and joint pains, many things can come in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Did you know that a lot of sleep issues we face can be solved by finding the right mattress? While sleeping positions and the hours of sleep are important influences on our sleep quality, the wrong mattress might be making our sleep problems worse.

Here are the most common problems caused by wrong mattresses.

Backaches and pains

These are signs that your body lacks the support it needs. The best mattresses for back pain relief are the ones that support your pressure points, cradle your spine and the curves of your body.

A memory foam mattress built for back pain like the Spinesafe Mattress, or Inspree, Memorio and Memorio ULT from our collection are best suited for back pain relief.

Neck pains, joint aches and stiffness

These problems are caused due to mattresses that are either too soft or too firm. The perfect balance is firm build and high bounce back (made with PU Foam cores and Memory Foam toppers) to ensure you are getting the right support and maximum comfort.

The Hypnos Foamera, Mirage, Inspree and the Memorio range of mattresses are ideal for neck and joint pain.


While snoring is a problem best dealt with medical intervention, sometimes snoring can be attributed to sleeping on the wrong mattress. An unsupportive mattress puts your airways under tension or leads to sunken tissues which cause snoring.

Finding a mattress that takes the shape of your body and improves your comfort can lead to better sleep. Mattresses like the Panorama, Furno, Mirage and Inspree are the next best solution for snoring.

Allergies or sensitivities

Ever wondered by your allergies get aggravated especially around bedtime? Waking up with a cold could be due to the wrong mattress as well! Mattresses accumulate dust, mites and much more when they’re unkempt or old.

There are certain materials used in the manufacturing process that can also trigger allergies. All Hypnos mattresses are made with a combination of Memory & PU foam and are 100% dust-mite resistant – making it the perfect choice for someone who struggles with allergies.

A snug, comfortable feeling

Mattresses tend to lose their shape over time and start sagging, which causes discomfort and lack of support. A durable and sag resistant mattresses can help improve sleep quality exponentially.

Select from a wide range of premium foam mattresses by Hypnos for the most restful, comfortable sleep. Available in dimensions ranging from single, double and king size mattresses!


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