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Work From Home - Make room for better sleep

December 31, 2020

Work From Home - Make room for better sleep


This pandemic has been associated with uncertain times and blurred lines between work and life. The new social norm of work-from-home has thrown off our sleep cycles and our work-life balance!

Since the onset of the pandemic and the lockdown, many reports show how sleeping habits of individuals have been affected. Restlessness at night, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and an overall drop in the quality of sleep are the most prevalent issues. Research also showed how the quality of sleep is affected by the shift to online, screen-based work life.

There are many issues that need to be addressed when coming to terms with our new normal, and it begins with small changes in our day-to-day lives starting with setting boundaries - both physical and mental.

Read on to improve your work-from-home experience, sleep cycle and sleeping habits.

Set boundaries

It’s very important to create mental and physical boundaries between your “workspace” and “relaxation space”. This simply means that a designated physical space at home must be dedicated to all work-from-home activities. 

All breaks including meals and end of day unwinding must be done in a different space. If possible, the best way would be to have a different room dedicated to work, and a room dedicated to unwinding time.

Sleep hygiene

You can’t expect to fall asleep as soon as you hit the sack unless you practice a few healthy habits before bedtime to condition your body and mind to slow down and relax.

Try this;

●     Maintain a regular sleep routine
●     Avoid daytime naps
●     Don’t watch TV, use the computer or phones in bed.
●     Avoid caffeinated drinks a couple of hours before bedtime
●     Create a relaxing, clean and cool environment for better sleep
●     Exercising is a great way to release stress
●     If you are a ‘clock watcher’ at night, hide the clockAnd of course, find the right mattress


Work-from-home shouldn’t be as stressful as it has become. It can be a bane if you don’t draw a line between work and life, but it can be a real boon if you create an ideal routine and make time for personal well being. So here’s to a healthier work-life balance and holistic well being!

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