About Us


Welcome To The World Of Blissful Slumber

In a world that is chasing after speed and spinning wildly out of control, what is most needed is a pause button for a refreshing moment of stillness. We are Hypnos, the latest innovation in PU foam mattresses, inviting you to SLOW DOWN.

At Hypnos, we are committed in creating products based on real customer’s need which has helped us develop the most innovative sleep solution with cutting edge technology. Each of our mattresses have been carefully crafted with different combinations of foam, giving you a blissful slumber while supporting each part of the body for that undisturbed sleep.

At Hypnos we believe that the mattress should be aesthetically appealing while remaining incredibly functional, which is why we have curated an extensive range of designs and colours for you to choose from. Why should a mattress be restricted to only plain whites and boring greys? When you can bring home powerful reds, soothing blues or natural tones of browns and beige to level up your bedroom.

From core to cover, our mattresses not only create the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep, but also inspires a life that is richer, fuller, and more meaningful.