Why Choose ALLURE?

Resilience, uniform strength and flexibility –that’s the Allure Promise. Designed to adapt to your body contours, it provides the right grip for your spine and cares for your posture. Sleeping or seated, it ensures that pressure is applied to each spring evenly for better support. Comfortably spaced springs allow for a motion-resistant and relaxing experience. The PU Foam provides edge protection and contributes to minimal wear-and –tear, enhanced breathability and greater durability. The quilts with anti-microbial properties means a healthier sleep outing. With Allure, you can be sure that you will wake up inspired!



Top Layer :
Polyester knitted Fabric
Foam Layer :
PU Foam Quilted
Core :
Pocketed Spring


Orange, Grey

Fabric Content

Soft Woven Fabric

Basic Care

Spot Clean


5 Years

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