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Why Choose ALLURE?

Resilience, uniform strength and flexibility –that’s the Allure Promise. Designed to adapt to your body contours, it provides the right grip for your spine and cares for your posture. Sleeping or seated, it ensures that pressure is applied to each spring evenly for better support. Comfortably spaced springs allow for a motion-resistant and relaxing experience. The PU Foam provides edge protection and contributes to minimal wear-and –tear, enhanced breathability and greater durability. The quilts with anti-microbial properties means a healthier sleep outing. With Allure, you can be sure that you will wake up inspired!



Top Layer :
Polyester knitted Fabric
Foam Layer :
Core :
Pocketed Spring


Orange, Grey

Fabric Content

Premium Soft Knitted Fabric

Basic Care

Spot Clean


5 Years

Hypnos Allure Mattress – Uncompromising Comfort


Most of us would agree with the fact that today we live in a stressful world. It is no secret that right from medical experts to counsellors, the most commonly heard reason for us to be deeply impacted by stress is lack of good quality sleep.

When we talk about sleep, it is not just the mind that needs to relax. It’s our entire body that needs perfect relaxation too. It is with this objective in mind, we at Hypnos, have come out with a perfect solution in the form of equipping your bed with an exquisitely designed Hypnos Pocketed Spring Mattress that provides you the sleep you deserve.

Welcome to the world of Allure Mattresses. You will surely enjoy the difference it makes with the magic it creates.

Hypnos – Where Dreams Come to Life:

Isn’t it time you experienced good comfort? Here’s Hypnos, where a team of talent unlimited combine quality with brilliance to turn your every night into delight by laying down the foundation for a good sleep. Our products at Hypnos are not just products but results of relentless research through surveys and customer interaction on what suits them the best.

Each of our mattresses are unique with different combinations, giving you a blissful slumber while supporting each part of the body for that undisturbed sleep.

The Allure Pocketed Spring Mattress Advantage:

You would always love a feel that you have been sleeping high above on the clouds, isn’t it!! That’s what the Hypnos Allure Mattress is all about with its Resilience, Uniform Strength and Stability. This uniquely designed mattress reinvents rest by providing life long slumber. Recognised by many of our customers as the best among Pocketed Spring Mattresses, Allure continues to live upto the expectations of our seasoned customers in style by distributing pressure evenly to each spring for better support.

Frequently Asked Questions on Allure Mattress:

How Frequently Do I Have to Change My Mattress?

All mattresses from Hypnos are designed for long life accompanied with continued comfort. With gentle use and proper care, the Allure mattresses serve you very well and come with a 5-year Warranty period.

How Do I Decide on Which Mattress is the Best for Me?

The Allure Orthopaedic Pocketed Spring Mattress is designed in a way that at the end of the day you feel relaxed and relieved from physical discomforts like back pain. However, certain parameters like the size of your bed and your height are to be carefully considered when it comes to the best solution to defeat back stress, Hypnos is a proven product as the best pocketed spring mattress for back pain.

Are Allure Mattresses Budget Friendly?

Yes. The objective behind coming up with a sophisticated and user-friendly mattress like Allure is not just your physical comfort but also with a view to make every rupee you spend on it, worthy. Allure offers more than what can expect for a very attractive process.

Are Hypnos Allure Mattresses Safe?

At Hypnos, there is zero compromise on the quality and safety of all our products. Every product goes through stringent quality tests before it even reaches our respective stores.

Are Allure Mattresses Available to Suit Both Single and Double Beds?

Yes. At Hypnos we have all choices to meet any of your requirement.

Can We Buy Allure Mattresses Online in India?

Yes, it is very much possible. At Hypnos we extend the facility for online buying to suit your convenience.


At Hypnos, we believe in crafting out a good night’s sleep for you. The Hypnos Allure Ortho Luxury Mattresses help you in having a peaceful night’s sleep and ensuring that you wake up to a bright morning.

Meet our friendly representatives at Hypnos today and experience a world of difference.