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Why Choose FOAMERA?

Foamera is a mattress with less compression, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy high bounce. Top fabric is knitted in attractive design, while the mattress is made with a combination of Supers soft foam at at top for soft feel and 23D PU Foam forming a robust foundation for that undisturbed sleep.



Top Layer :
23D Super Soft Foam
Core :
23D PU Foam


Blue, Brown, Maroon

Fabric Content

100% PE Knitted fabric With Tape edge

Basic Care

Spot Clean


7 Years

Hypnos Foamera Mattress – Changing Your Life


There is something very important that contributes to our good health and that is good quality sleep. However, due to reasons more than one, not getting a good quality sleep has become a challenge, for many people to ponder over why and, many medical experts to find out a correct solution.

While Sleep quality has more to do with our body’s abilities to sleep, it also relies quite a bit on the environment where we sleep and that includes the surroundings and infrastructure. By infrastructure, we mean the quality of the bed, pillows and all importantly, the quality of the mattress.

Choosing a high-quality mattress is extremely important to make you feel at ease and this is where Hypnos makes a visible difference with its exquisite quality PU Foam mattresses.

Welcome to the world of Foamera Mattresses. You will surely enjoy the ultimate sleep experience, it delivers.

The Foamera Advantage:

When it comes to the perfect blend of support and comfort, Foamera leads by example in style. Where we score over the rest is with the manufacturing approach we adopt where keen eye is given to every detail including quality, density and thickness. Additionally, Foamera has been a big hit among our customers for some very attractive benefits it brings along:

  • Sag resistant PU Foam core and high GSM knitted fabric for maximum advantage. Delivers a more comfortable feel and a healthy sleep environment.
  • Created with a unique fabric tape edge for extended protection during handling.
  • Manufactured with pure and non-toxic PU Foam.
  • Super soft Foam and a robust PU Foam Core to ensure a cool and comfortable.

Scientifically speaking, an adequately ventilated environment is a must to achieve good sleep. A superior quality mattress plays an integral part in setting up that ideal sleep environment for you. Hypnos Foamera addresses all the teething issues you face while deciding on which is the best mattress to buy, especially when you have specific issues to be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions on Foamera Mattress:

How Safe is Hynos Foamera?

Foamera mattresses from Hypnos are absolutely safe as they are manufactured with pure and non-toxic PU Foam. Moreover, extra care is taken while handling this product as it is created with a fabric tape edge to ensure advanced protection.

What is the Advantage in Buying a Pure PU Foam Mattress

Pure PU Foam mattresses ensure high bounce and less compression ensuring better comfort. Moreover, it comes in with a host of health benefits that is one of the key aspects that customers look forward to.

Are Foamera Mattresses Budget Friendly?

Yes. The objective behind coming up with a sophisticated and user-friendly mattress like Foamera is not just your physical comfort but also with a view to make it economically viable. Foamera offers more than what can expect for a very attractive price.

Is Foamera Available in Different Shades?

Yes. Foamera mattresses are available in three vibrant shades in Blue, Maroon and Brown.

Are Foamera Mattresses Available in Different Sizes?

Yes. We have a wide range of choices for you to choose from as the product is available as:

  • King Size Foam mattresses
  • Queen Size Foam mattresses
  • Single Foam mattress
  • Twin
  • Custom

Are Foamera Mattresses Long Lasting?

Every product’s life is based on how well we handle it. Mattress is no different. When it comes to Foamera, the product is built for long life and even withstands tough operations. The product comes with a seven-year warranty.

Can We Buy Foamera PU Foam Mattresses in India?

Yes! You can Buy PU Foam mattresses online. At Hypnos we extend the facility for buying Foamera PU mattresses online.


The foundation of a healthy life is a good sleep and at Hypnos, we believe in ensuring just that with superior quality mattresses. The Hypnos Foamera Mattresses is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long hard day. Meet our friendly representatives at Hypnos today to experience a world of difference.